RadMission Electric Metro Bike | Pro Experts Review (2022)

RadMission Electric Metro Bike | Pro Experts Review (2022)

Rad Power RadMission electric bikes are eco-friendly, fast, stylish, sleek, zip through traffic excellently, and even fuel-efficient, and you can park them on any bike rack. In every way, these electric bikes are better than cars and scooters as they are 3 times less expensive to operate than motorcycles or cars from a fuel cost view. With a 50nm torquey, 500W geared hub motor, a single-speed drivetrain, and a powerful battery, the RadMission 1 electric bike beats many expensive brands on the market. 

Is Rad Power Bikes RadMission worth your valuable investment? Does it offer enough power and useful features for your rides? To answer all such questions, we personally tested RadMission Electric metro bike on different terrains to compile a detailed review guide on RadMission Electric metro bike. From price to features to pros and cons, we have covered every aspect in detail. Let’s begin our Radmission review !!

Key Features and Specs of RadMission E Bike

Wheel 27.5” double-wall aluminum wheels, 36 hole With double-wall rims, you get excellent navigation and great handling in congested areas.
Suspension Slid steel fork Here you have to use an optional Suntour Seatpost for smooth comfort.
Battery Lithium Samsung 35e cells 504 Wh The detachable battery completely integrates into the downtube and it offers 45 miles range with a single full charge.
Tires 27.5” x 1.95” Kenda Kontact thin tires You get thin tires to ride in cities and downs. Also, the liner enhances durability.
Brakes 180mm front and rear rotors, Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes Fast braking system with exceptional stopping speed
Gearing Single-speed 16-tooth freewheel 50 T chainring Smooth shift gears and no chain dropping.
Display Custom LED display You get a unique LED display with control to check your ride status.
Motor 50 Nm of torque, 500 W geared hub motor with 5:1 planetary reduction This bike water-resistant motor offers sufficient power and head/tail lights.
Frame 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame of the bike makes it extremely lightweight and sturdy as well.

How does the RadMission Electric Bike Work?

To get full control of the features, you get a control panel attached to the handlebar. With a single tap, you can light up and off the battery and lights & also adjust 4 assistance levels. Plus, when you stop pedaling or when the brakes cut off the power, the cadence-sensing pedals will immediately turn off the unit. So, you are fully controlling your speed all the time. 

RadMission Electric Bike

What’s more, you also get a throttle in the handlebar, which gives you a quick boost whenever you need it. Also, these electric bikes come with many instructions for regulating the battery during its initial 3 charge cycles. In the first 3 cycles, you can charge the battery for 12 hours but not more.  

How We Tested the RadMission Electric Metro Bike? 

Well, we are a team of bike experts who love riding bikes and writing reviews to give you the best ever guide. From some best electric cruiser bikes to folding electric bikes we keep on testing new models for riders who want nothing but the best.  This time, our team tried different Radmission electric bikes in New York and San Francisco to experience both flat surfaces and steep hills. We used this bike for two weeks for both commuting and adventurous riding. 

Over the two-week testing period, we covered more than 100 km on different terrains to try out all the features. Finally, we have compiled a Radmission review guide to tell you about the riding experience, attractive features, and what we liked and disliked most. We are sure our guide will clear all of your doubts, and by the end, you will get a transparent idea of whether to buy the RadMission Electric Metro Bike or not.

Full Review of RadMission Electric Metro Bike

Now, let’s reveal what we found best and disliked the most about Radmission electric bike. From throttle and design to assembly, we have covered all major aspects. 


When testing it on the NY streets, we started from a stop sign!! We twisted the throttle simultaneously and started pedaling till we reached 20 mph. After reaching that point, we enabled the pedal assist and laid off the twist throttle. We were right at our parks with no gears as a single speeder. But talking about San Francisco, where there are many steep and long hills, pedaling this almost 50-pound bike, even with electric help, needs some effort. And to our surprise, the throttle really shined high there. 

RadMission Electric Bike

Here we came to a conclusion that with a 16T cog at the rear and a 50T chainring at the front, the RadMission 1 runs really fast on plain ground and soft inclines. But coming to steep pitches, when our pedal assistance slowed down, the throttle swiftly carried us over the top to plain ground. At that point, we stopped throttling and allowed the pedal-assist to work.  


RadMission 1 weighs 48 pounds, which is heavier than any standard bike, But it’s still one of the fastest electric bikes available on the market, which can withstand 275 pounds. You get it in either a high-step or mid-step model and get features like an LED display, a 500-watt motor, a 10.5Ah battery, and auto-on headlights. When you use this bike in optimal conditions, it can travel up to 20 mph.


Now coming to the major part that most riders really hate. It is assembling the Radmission bike after it reaches your home. It took us a total of 30 minutes to assemble the bike, comfort we had to go through the video tutorials on the Rad Power Bikes website. We only got all the necessary tools inside the box, so there was no hush rush.

The rear brake was a bit stiff on the bike model we had received, but it was an easy fix. We strongly recommend buying a kickstand separately if you want to avoid exploring places to learn it.  


If the claims of Rad Power Bikes are to be believed, one RadMission 1 can easily handle between 40-72KM (24 and 45 miles) on a single charge. Coming to the EU model, it handles somewhere between 45-80KM (28 and 50 miles). This tiny difference is because the US has a slightly more powerful motor. 


The RadMission 1 looks really different from other electric bikes in many ways. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into the design to make an affordable and low-maintenance bike. Moreover, it is specially designed to use in urban areas with less extreme inclines and paved surfaces. RadMission 1 offers no gears, no front shock, & no derailleur. Besides, it also comes with a throttle to give you an extra boost during emergencies.  


You can guess the RadMission’s city look by looking at its sporty ride quality. This fastest electric bike has quick handling and an athletic look that suits urban settings best. Thanks to its single-speed design and simplicity, the RadMission stands apart from its competitors. Not only this, this bike is extremely quiet while riding. We believe its simple theme with lots of customizing options will attract you.  

RadMission Engadget

We are extremely pleased to tell you that Rad Power Bikes’ claims are really true. In fact, we managed 50 miles (and we also checked our data on our smart device just to become more sure) before the motor completely drained off. We completed our riding on maximum power settings as well to check the battery and motor. To be precise, the assistance began to fade before the 504Wh battery fully drained off. We are sure because we still came back with the lights on. 

No doubt that Range is hard to judge because the performance differs due to factors like power level, weight, and type of terrain you want to use the bike on. However, if you use boost occasionally to drop to a less level, we believe you can actually cover 50 miles easily with a single charge. And once the battery is out, then simply plug in the charger.    

Single-speed Drivetrain

We noticed a unique thing about the Radmission Electric Metro bike: it has a single-speed drivetrain, whereas most e-bikes usually come with multiple gears. This simple setup is perfect for riding mid-rolling terrain or flat ground besides being extremely quiet and low maintenance. That being said, we also observed that this bike needed a little extra force to start pedaling in case you are using it from a complete stop. Also, you will find it hard to ride up long and steep hills, but the pedal assistance will help you here.  

Ride Quality

With the 27.5-inch wheels, the RadMission runs on 1.95-inch tires. It runs extremely fast and delivers impressive and stable speed even when taking sharp turns. It gives you a racy and sporty feel because most of its part is aggressive, and its athletic body position helps you adjust the handlebar height accordingly. So, if you love a good body or relaxed position, you might consider buying a Radcity Step Thru 3 bike !!

The RadMission’s handling is very responsive and quick to steering input, and this is how exactly an urban bike should feel. Even though the tires are narrow, they still have good air volume to dampen the ride. Also, the frame feels tough even while riding on rough pavement and bumpy roads. While testing this bike, we were especially impressed by how silent and powerful it felt. To be honest, unlike most other bikes we tried, the RadMission made no noise when we rode it on cracks and bumps in the pavement. It is a living example of the perfect combination of simple design and robust construction.

Wheel & Tires

Honestly, RadMission is a fun bike to ride on sidewalks and paved city rods. It is all because it has double-wall rims and durable tires. Even if you are a nightcrawler and love exploring your surroundings at night, you don’t have to worry about accidents because this bike has reflective sidewalls on the tires through which road users can see you even from a distance.  

Wheel & Tires

But make sure you avoid riding on muddy roads because the tires can’t handle off-road that better. Even if the tires are not designed to handle off roads, they are less prone to flats because of the puncture-resistant liner. It means you can drop the fear of changing tires often.

Cost of Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 

Currently, there is a huge discount on RadMission 1. You can buy it for 1200 USD. We bought it for 1199$ and bought some other accessories to make it more stylish. We customized our bike with aftermarket fenders ($69), a front basket ($79), a rear rack ($89), two Fremont pannier bags ($79 each), and a kickstand ($25). You won’t feel disappointed to throw some extra bucks on add-ons because these are useful and enhance Radmission 1 electric metro bike appearance. This bike can withstand rough weather and weight. So if you plan to go on a trip and carry everything in your backpack, always consider Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 for that purpose.   

What type of Riding is RadMission Best For? Verdict

Well, the company loves to call the RadMission an “electric metro bike.” It’s an urban bike specially designed for city riding. As there is no suspension, this e-bike does not handle off-road much better. But on decent roads, its performance is unbeatable.

We personally observed that RadMission gives you a comfortable ride on roads but if you have bumpy streets with lots of potholes, buying a seat post shock is useful. We bought an affordable one in 27.2mm size. It will add more cushion when you are riding, thus increasing your comfort. Since it has a single-speed drive train, the RadMission is not best for extremely hilly terrain because there is no lower gear for proper shifting.

So, we can conclude that this bike is best for moderate hills and can run on heavy hills only if you put lots of effort into pedaling. The last time we struggled on a heavy hill was when the battery turned dead, and we were left with no option but pedal.   

RadMission Electric Metro Bike in grey color

The 500 W motor sounds weak as compared to other RAD models but is sufficient for light hill climbing with little help. If you face a problem with downshifting, the throttle will help you in the slog (0 to 10-ish mph) area. In these areas, single-speed pedal bikes are really annoying. But with the help of added throttle or pedal assistance, you spend less time in such low-speed range, and you won’t notice any slow pedal cadence.

All this shows that you get a potent electric bike with 32-72 km (20-45 miles) at an affordable price. You can add up more accessories to make the bike even more expensive, but in the end, it’s all your choice. You can attach the best bike baskets and comfortable bike seat to carry necessary items. There are also fenders to make your bike weatherproof, etc.  

Buy Radmission Electric Metro Bike if

  • You want an all-weather bike. The RadMission 1 can withstand all situations and weather with a design best for shopping, commuting, or even racing.  
  • This is an electric bike that easily blends with the crowd. 
  • You want to buy an electric bike that does not look flashy and catches attention.
  • You want the most comfortable bike seat for a good position. 
  • If you are satisfied with versatile styling and optimal performance. 
  • You want the fastest electric bike but don’t wish to spend a lot. 

Don’t Buy a Radmission Electric Metro Bike if

  • You don’t wish to spend time assembling the bike. When you buy the bike directly, you have to take everything out of the box and then put it together. It does not mean you have to set up a new bike; it simply means you just have to use the supplied tool kit to assemble the major parts of the bike. 
  • If you want a fully-loaded electric bike. We had to order an optional kickstand and mudguards; the accessories like racks also come at an additional cost.  
  • You love lots of gears. Well, we really love the single-speed feature of this electric bike but can’t say the same about others. Not having many gear options is frustrating for many, and if you are one of them, then this bike is not for you.  

Buying Guide For Radmission 1 Electric Metro Bike

Budget – RadMission electric metro bikes can range in price depending on the model and features you choose. Do some research before determining what your budget will allow, and be sure to set aside funds for any additional accessories or add-ons. 

Weight Limit – The weight limit is perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing a RadMission Electric Metro Bike. At only 250 pounds, this bike is not designed for riders over 250 pounds. If you are close to or exceeding this weight limit, you can buy another RadMission model that can withstand your weight.

Terrain – Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a RadMission Electric Metro Bike is the terrain you will be riding. This bike is designed for use on flat, well-maintained surfaces such as sidewalks, paths, and streets. While it can handle small bumps and cracks, it is not meant for off-road riding or rough terrain. If you plan to ride on anything other than perfectly smooth surfaces, it is important to consider another RadMission bike model that is better suited for your needs.

Weather Condition – Another consideration when choosing a RadMission Electric Metro Bike is the weather conditions where you will be riding. You cannot use this bike on snow or icy surfaces, as the wheels are not designed to grip these types of surfaces well. Additionally, the battery may not perform as well in cold weather conditions, so it is important to keep this in mind if you live in an area with cold winters.

Wheels – RadMission Electric Metro Bike has 24″ wheels on the smaller side. This can make the bike less stable and harder to ride on rough terrain. If you plan on doing a lot of off-road riding or over 6 feet tall, you may want to look into an electric bike with bigger wheels.

Quality – RadMission Electric Metro Bike is made with a lightweight aluminum frame, making it a good choice for those looking for a durable but lightweight electric bike. However, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line electric bike, you may want to consider another option.

A Pro Advice

Remember that RadPower Bikes is not some kind of “Budget electric bike company” like MacWheel or Swagman or other cheap brands. But instead, we would call it a “Money value electric bike company.” They make extremely high-quality electric bikes at an affordable price to give their customers high value. Neither they are the highest quality nor cheapest quality e-bikes, but these are useful e bikes that offer premium features at the best reasonable price.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How fast can RadMission go?

RadMission 1 bike comes under the class 2 category and can reach 20 mph maximum speed without pedaling. You can use it with both throttles assist and pedal assist, but once your bike reaches its max speed limit then the motor will eventually stop.  

Q2. Can you remove the eBike battery to charge?

Yes, you can remove and replace the battery of Radmission bikes. This electric bike uses a high-capacity battery to provide a smooth, efficient riding experience. The bike also features a powerful motor that helps propel you forward as you ride, making it ideal for urban commuters who want to get around quickly and easily. 

Q3. Who is RadMission Electric Metro Bike designed for?

RadMission Electric Metro Bike is perfect for urban commuters who need an efficient and reliable mode of transportation for getting around the city. Whether you’re traveling to and from work, running errands, or just exploring your local area, RadMission Electric Metro Bike is a great choice for an easy and convenient way to explore your favorite places.  

Q4. How is RadMission E Bike better than other e-bike models? 

Compared to other electric bikes on the market, RadMission Electric Metro Bike offers several unique advantages. With its powerful motor and high-capacity battery, this bike can help you travel longer distances more quickly and easily than most other electric bikes. 

Additionally, RadMission electric bike features a smart LCD display screen that provides real-time data about your ride and an adjustable seat height that makes it easy to find a comfortable riding position. Overall, RadMission Electric Metro Bike is a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable electric bike.

Some Last Thoughts 

Since we are bikers ourselves, we know electric bikes are the best way to explore the city. And now you have a brand that feels powerful, rides smoothly, and can be upgraded with tons of accessories. All these features make Radmission 1 electric metro bike even more impressive in our eyes. You can add up more accessories on your bike, just visit our website and check out the best one for you.

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