8 Best Electric Cruiser Bikes Review and Buying Guide

best beach crusier electric bike

Electric bikes are the latest development in transport adopted by people worldwide, and they are found to be excellent in performance, safety, and convenience in different terrains. However, for the sandy terrain, such as beach sides, you have to be extra careful and particular because finding a stylish, safe, and comfortable beach cruiser electric bike depends on your research skills. 

As long as you know the things you wish for your bike and the specifications of each bike, you are good to go. But gaining this much information is quite tiring and confusing. To resolve this issue, we have curated a list of top beach cruise e-bikes available in the market, along with a list of parameters on which you can observe the performance of a bike to make an informed and right choice. Let’s start with what you can expect when you start using a cruise bike.  

What To Look For In A Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Before buying a beach cruiser e-bike, you must look for specific features and specifications like battery, motor, tires, comfortable bike seat and more. These features must match your requirements and hence, must be selected after carefully analyzing their performance. Following are the various parameters you must check before buying a beach cruiser e-bike:

Suspension And Tire Dimensions

Different tire dimensions are appropriate for different purposes for bikes. As for the sand or beachside terrain, you might require bold and wide tires, which can provide you with appropriate surface area and more safety than the thin tires. The electric bike you are considering buying must have wide tires with a width up to 26 inches. Such tires are capable of managing heavyweights in sand locations and also provide exemplary performance in other terrains. 

Another major factor you must consider is if the bike comes with excellent suspensions or not. Make sure your electric bike offers high-quality rear or front suspension to ensure your safety and control of the rider on the bike. 


Another significant factor in selecting a beach cruiser electric bike is the battery performance. You must check the battery life of the bike on a single charge to ensure that it can easily travel the desired distance on one charge.

However, this depends on the purpose or the path on which you wish to travel using your beach cruise bike and how often you can charge it. Thus, this can be one of the major deciding factors if the chosen bike is right for you or not. You must consider the charging time as well as the miles it can cover with a single charge carefully. 


The motor of a bike is one of its basic and most essential components for deciding its performance. If your bike has a powerful motor, it can make your bike capable of traveling more distance at a much higher speed. The usual speed preferred by most of the users lies between 28 to 30 mph with a single charge. A powerful motor enables you to cover a higher distance at the desired speed and makes your ride comfortable and convenient. 


Before stepping out of your house to buy an electric bike, especially a beach cruise e-bike, you must have an idea of how much money you wish to spend on it. There are various models of such bikes which can be bought at different prices. However, as the price increases, the performance, and convenience factor of your beach cruiser electric bike increases too.

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Since beach electric cruiser motorcycles and bikes are speedy and can be risky to drive for a beginner, you must check for various safety features such as powerful brakes. The brakes in an electric cruiser bike must be hydraulic, which provides you ultimate control and handle of your bike.

However, another essential factor to consider if you wish to use your electric cruiser bike at night is the presence of high-quality lights and a sound horn to ensure your safety. 


The material of a beach electric cruiser motorcycle or bike electric is essential as it can determine various factors such as the weight of the bike, quality, overall performance, and many more. The durability of an electric cruiser is also determined by the material of the frame.

You can choose from various materials, including aluminum, steel, carbon, etc. However, the aluminum and steel frames make the electric cruiser bike heavy, but the carbon-framed bike is expensive. Therefore, the selection of a material depends on your budget and choice. 


The range of a beach cruiser electric bike is referred to as the distance covered by the electric beach cruiser in a single charge or simply the distance it can travel before the battery runs out. There is no fixed range of an electric cruiser bike; however, it is advised to check the engine and battery specifications to ensure that you get the range and performance as per your requirements. 

Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike  

Several latest models have been added to the collection of cruiser bike electric over the past years. To save your time and efforts on searching through multiple options, we have provided a list of top electric cruiser bikes with their specifications and all the essential information regarding their function. 

1. Juiced Scrambler Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

Juiced Scrambler Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

On the top of this list for best beach cruiser electric bike, we have a juiced scrambler beach cruiser due to its impeccable features and specifications. This electric bike runs a high-speed motor and is capable of providing an efficient speed of 28 mph. This bike is one of the top bike beach cruisers due to its excellent design.

The tires of this bike are 20 inches making it convenient for the users to ride this bike on beaches and similar terrain types. In case you wish to use this bike at night, the bike comes with a LED headlamp, making it easier for the riders for a night round. This model serves you like the fastest electric bike and is capable of holding 275 pounds. This is the maximum load capacity. This began withstanding without compromising the performance.

  •         Seven speeds freewheel Shimano transmission, which enables gear shifting easily
  •         Powerful 750-Watt motor
  •         Maximum load capacity is limited to 275 pounds
  •         Assembling the parts of this bike can be a tedious task. 


2. NAKTO Cargo 250W

NAKTO Cargo 250W: beach cruiser electric bike

This Beach electric cruiser motorcycle or bike is one of the most affordable models available in the market. It is designed to make the best electric bike at the lowest possible price. Although the engine power of this bike is slightly lower, the performance is still impeccable. It runs on a 36V 10AH battery. The wheels or tires of this bike are available in two options, i.e. 26inches and 20inches.

Apart from this, the bike is capable of reaching 18MPH maximum speed without pedaling by the rider. However, if the rider pedals, the speed can boost up to 25MPH, which is relatively high if we are talking of the sandy region. The Nakto bike electric is one of the most comfortable and convenient e-bike models in different terrains. 

  •         This bike offers an extensive range, implying it can travel long distances on a single charge
  •          The top speed can go up to 25MPH while pedaling. 
  •         Display and control can be improved
  •         Only available with 250W engine



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