Radcity Step Thru 3 Review By Experts (2022 Guide)


Radcity Step Thru 3 Review By Experts (2022 Guide)

Investing in an eco-vehicle like RadCity Step Thru 3 electric bike is a good idea. The RadCity 3 electric bike comes fully equipped to ride, replace your scooter and car, haul your shopping items, and give you a pleasurable ride. These eco-friendly bikes have something for everyone – from hybrid models to folding electric bikes to even fat-tire bikes, you get exceptional alternatives to e scooters.

We finally had the opportunity to try our hands-on RadCity Step-Thru 3 on busy US streets and also to commute around our offices. Honestly, riding the RadCity bike gave us a more enhanced experience as compared to the other models we have tried. The brand is evidently working hard, doing its homework, doing research, talking to bikers, and making more improvements. 

Is RadCity electric bike worth your investment? Let’s dive into the details of Radcity 3 and find out what exactly it offers to solve your daily riding problems. Let’s check out our Radcity Step Thru 3 review to explore what this bike brings to your table. 

Major Features of RadCity 3 To Look for

Features Specification
Battery 672 Wh
Charger 48V, runs on 100V-240V AC power outlets, 2 Amp Rad Power Bikes smart charger
Display Backlit LCD with speedometer, charge indicator, trip odometer, odometer, wattmeter, pedal assist level, and more
Hub Motor 40 Nm of torque, 750W brushless Shengyi direct drive hub motor
Lights Rear: Brake light integrated
Front: LED headlight
Pedal Assist 5 level pedal assist
Range 25-45 mph
Throttle Half twist throttle
Wiring Wiring harness and Water-resistant connectors
USB Ports Display: 1 Amp, 5V
Max Speed 20 mph
Brakes 180mm Rotors, Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc

RadCity Step Thru 3 | An In-Depth Review

Since we have tested these bikes for one week, we have a detailed Radcity Step Thru 3 review to give you what we liked and disliked. 

Radcity Step Thru 3

Hub Motor

The Radcity Step Thru 3 comes with a 750W brushless Shengyi direct-drive hub and regenerative braking. Talking about this Shengyi DD, it’s an exceptional rear hub motor designed especially for urban city riding.

At first, we were a bit skeptical about the 750 watts motor, but once we tried it and drove it through the busy New york roads, we felt it gave you an extra zip. The 40Nm torque might sound a bit limited for heavy hill climbing or long distances, but it is 100% best for recreational city riding or light urban commuting.


You will get regenerative braking systems with Radcity step thru 3, and you can extend the brake life and battery range by taking the bike weight into account. Regenerative braking might consume more battery, especially in hilly areas, but it extends brake wear and also gives you a downshift option to reduce the descent speed. This is something we admire a lot about RadCity bikes. To use regenerative braking, you simply have to tap lightly or hold its brakes. Once you do this, your bike will reduce power to slow down the speed without the need to engage the brakes. We found Radcity breaks more responsive than some of the best electric cruiser bikes we have tested.


Now, let’s have a detailed look at Radcity’s range attribute, and we believe here this bike performed really well. We checked online reviews, and it claims that the range of this bike somewhere goes up to 45-plus miles. But when we tested it ourselves, it was much higher than the claims. It has a perfect combination of 14-amp hour, 750-watts, & a 48-volt battery. Not only this, but it also has many sustained energy units making it extremely unbeatable in its price range. We have seen that a 750-watt motor exerts too much power, but that’s not the case with this bile. You just have to pair with Samsung cells, and you are done! 


We love watching batteries and Samsung cells altogether. We strongly suggest it when buying an e-bike to ensure that the batteries are from a reputed brand only like Samsung, Panasonic, or LG. If you find no name on the battery, it means they are cheap and have no guarantee. It also indicates that the cells won’t last much longer. 

Frame and Fork

Coming to frame, the RadCity bike comes with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame with two different colors (black or pearl) & two different sizes (16″ or 19″). Initially, the bike feels a bit heavy while riding, but the step-thru frame is easy to ride on and get off. 

Besides giving you ultimate comfort, you get a decent 20″ standover height. The 16″ frame has an overall 29″ standover height, whereas the 19″ is 31″. The bike’s overall weight is 65lbs, which we find comes in the bulky category. This might pose a problem, especially when working up hills with cargo. Overall, the frame is very solid and supportive.

With Radcity, you get an adjustable and lockable 100mm fork-length front suspension. Since it has no rear suspension, the backend is sturdy.


Now coming to our favorite part of the RadCity 3, i.e., Display. This bike has an advanced LCD display. It is big enough to make you see the information clearly. It contains all details about speed, battery level, power in Watts, assistance level, & an odometer to track your rides.


You can easily control it by using the 3 buttons you see on the handlebar’s opposite side. We found it very intuitive to use. Besides these features, the LCD also includes a USB charging port (5V/1A) to help you charge your smartphone.  

Here’s what you can see on the LCD:

  • Battery Life: A fuel gauge for your electrons.
  • USB Charging: You get a 5V, 1 Amp port for charging your portable electronics on the go. You can see the status on the LCD.  
  • Pedal Assist Level: Here, more number means the motor will boost more while pedaling. 
  • Speedometer: You can set it to existing speed, average speed, or max speed.
  • Odometer: Helps you calculate the miles you have covered and how much you saved on gas.  
  • Wattmeter: It reflects how much power is being output by the motor when using the bike.  

Ride Feel

We actually loved riding on the RadCity bike as it felt incredibly smooth and comfortable to ride. The reason? It’s because it comes with front suspension, wide tires & handlebars, and an upright geometry. 

The bike does not feel sluggish and gives you comfortable ride even after weighing 65 lbs. When you turn on the motor, you can actually feel like you are grilling up fastly.   

Riding Radcity on the City Streets

The RadCity step-thru bike gives you a comfortable and stable ride on urban streets or gravel roads and moderate dirt. Don’t expect it to be the fastest electric bike or the zippiest one because it’s designed to be comfortable at both low & high speeds.  

But always remember that since its weight is heavy, it is a bit hard to pedal for a long time if you run out of battery. You can easily ride it on straight roads, but you will definitely have to struggle more on hills.  

Packed with Accessories

We really applaud RadCity because it has not compromised anything when it comes to the bike accessories. We have seen RadCity bikes coming with jampacked features to make your daily ride extremely easy.  

Radcity Step Thru 3

With this e-bike, you get an adjustable kickstand, front and rear fenders, dual-suspension saddle, integrated rear rack, & front and rear lights.

Also, you get battery-powered lights, so they automatically work as long as you keep your battery charged. Also, the right read function as a brake light as well. Thus, it lights up brighter with each time you press tap the brake levers. It helps you alert people behind you that you are stopping or slowing down. 

Additionally, you can equip your RadCity 3 with a front rack, bottle cage, wheel lock, child seat, panniers, and baske to enjoy daily rides. 

Top Reasons You Should Buy RadCity Step Thru Bike 

What we love most about RadCity Step-Thru 3 is its perfect blend of low price and urban rider-style features. You might not get satisfactory performance on trails or off roads, but it’s an excellent option for those who want to try an electric bike in an urban setting.

It’s incredibly simple to use; just connect the battery to an outlet on the wall to charge it, then turn the key & tap the power button. The backlit LCD on the handlebar works as a speedometer, odometer, wattmeter, charging indicator, and also functions as a USB charging device for the smartphone. You can adjust the seat with a release clamp. Honestly, the kickstand made us extremely happy. 

RadCity Step Thru Bike

When riding it on the road, its motor is quiet and efficient. Also, you have the comfort of choosing from 5 pedal assist modes. Honestly, we have mostly used the first two modes because, in NYC, riding a bike is extremely scary. But we have to admit that the bike has an impressive ability to reach 45 mph. We did not even use the throttle most of the time, but it felt nice knowing that it was there. Throttle very often, even though the fact that it served us well when riding on hills. 

All in all, Radcity Step Thru 3 is nice and comfortable. We love its stylish stitched leather handlebar grips. It gives you a feeling of riding a premium bike. We are 100% sure that you won’t look here and there for many upcoming years once you ride this bike. 

Smooth Ride: RadCity Step-Thru is really easy to ride, and the comfortable bike seat gives you a relaxed upright position. Its relaxed style makes it thrilling to ride. You will be amazed to see how quickly you feel the high speed. It feels great to see the regenerative brakes capture energy. 

Incredible Range: At just 34 miles on our difficult range test (highest assistance level) and covering up to 2,800 feet of total climb, the RadCity will definitely go far. You can get more range in easy riding conditions just like RadMission electric metro bike models.  

Cost: Rad Power bikes consistently give you a bang value for your hard-earned money. Its price to the performance issue is commendable. In this price range, it is extremely difficult to find a bike like Radcity step-thru 3. 

Pros in Short
  • Affordable
  • Powerful Motor
  • City Use Built
  • Regenerative Braking 
Things we Disliked about Radcity Step Thru 3 Electric Bike

Heavier: We accept that Radcity Step Thru 3 actually really has 66 pounds. Even after removing the battery, you still have to deal with 58 pounds.  

Brake Lever Reach: Well, we feel it would be nice if RadCity had the capability to adjust brake lever reach for those riders having smaller hands. 

Motor Drag: When your e bike reaches its maximum speed of 20 mph, you will have to struggle a bit with pedals to go above. The reason is many direct-drive motors have dragged from their magnets if there is no assistance. We felt this once when the assist stopped at 20mph during our test.

Cons in Short
  • Quite Heavy
  • Long Charging Time
  • Less Powerful Brakes

Pro Advice

The RadCity Step-thru bike is a must-have pick for those who want a good commuter to explore around or even go to work. It has so many advanced features that give you decent performance, just like a comfortable bike.

And the best part is that Radcity is less expensive and many city dwellers can buy it without much trouble. It costs you around $1500, but the value and features you get are enough to beat even the most expensive bikes like Radcity 5 Plus Step-thru !!  

Overall, the Rad City bikes are well equipped for daily or weekend riders. It’s a fun e-Bike. Its powerful 750-watt motor gives you more fun, and its 48V 14ah high capacity battery gives this bike a wide range. The bike is extremely durable with its quality component and solid, sturdy frame from Kenda, Shimano, Tektro, etc.  

Another best feature is the “Stock accessory package,” which helps you set up a ready-to-go adventure bike. You can add bags or baskets to make the RadCity a cargo-hauling eBike.

Nowadays, RadCity Step-Thru is offering the best deals like free delivery and monthly payment options. You can also check out more bikes and accessories on our website to get the best latest deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the RadCity Step Thru Class?

In the United States, e-bikes fall into three categories: Class 1, 2, and 3. Mostly, the RadCity Step-Thru bikes are Class 2 electric bike as they use 750w output and a 48V battery which helps you ride at fast speeds with or without pedal assistance. 

Q2. How much does a Rad Step Thru Electric Bike Weigh?

RadRover Step-Thru is a heavy e-bike and weighs around 69lbs to 72lbs. You can get your hands on one that suits your demands and also matches your body weight. No matter the size, the bike does not feel sluggish and gives you a comfortable ride. 

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