Top 8 Folding Electric Bikes Reviewed [Buying Guide]


Best folding electric bike

Fitness and health are the most important aspects of a happy life. One step forward towards fitness is getting a bike to maintain your health. However, just like any other field, bikes have also evolved. Currently, a trend of folding electric bikes has flooded the market. If you are also looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient bike for daily use, these bikes have everything you are looking for. A folding electric bike is a perfect fit for people who have less space to keep a bike in their house.

There are various models and kinds of folding bikes available in the market, and choosing the appropriate one can be challenging. We will provide you with all the important information you require before deciding about buying a folding e-bike. This article will guide you with the factors or parameters you must look for while buying an E-bike, along with the top folding e-bikes available. 

Top 8 Folding Electric Bikes In 2022

Based on various factors, our team has reviewed all the available electric folding bikes including the fastest electric bikes to electric cruiser bikes and has come up with the best eight in the market. Here is a complete review of the best 8 folding electric bikes.

1. Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike

jetson bolt pro folding electric bike: electric folding bike

Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric bike is one of the affordable options available out there. The company has added many new features to this bike to make it better than the existing Jetson bolt folding electric bike. When it comes to the look of the bike, it has some great colors that catch everyone’s attention and it is even one of the best bikes with comfortable bike seats.

Overall, it’s only 46.5 inches. However, one should be more than 12 years old to ride the bike. While installing, you will have to attach a few things and you are good to go. It can carry a weight of 256 lbs.

2. Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike: folding electric bike

The Ancheer folding electric bike is one of the most affordable and efficient electric bikes with 250 Watts rear hub power motor. It comes with a 288WH battery which ensures that it will provide you with a good range of up to 17 miles. It is capable of handling up to 220 lbs of load, whereas the total weight of the bike itself is only 33 lbs.

Moreover, It is a compact foldable electric bike that is easy to store and port as per your requirements and choice. Upon folding, the dimensions of this bike are around 84×62 (length X height), which is quite convenient for the users. This bike is highly efficient, comes with 21 gears, and is capable of running in mountain regions as well. 

3. Gocycle G4

Gocycle G4: folding e bike

One of the best and biggest e-bikes providers in the market right now is Gocycle. It is popular for providing the most powerful and most stylish folding e-bikes to the users with the trust of their brand. One of the major advantages of choosing Gocycle G4 is that it provides you with an unbeatable range of up to 40 miles.

The total weight of this bike is around 17.5 Kg. These bikes are based on new and more powerful motors, which accounts for the highly efficient design of these bikes. Although the price is a little higher than the others, if you are looking for a stylish and good-quality folding e-bike, you will find it worthy. 

4. Radmini 4 E-Bike 

Radmini 4 e bike: foldable electric bikeRadmini 4 E-Bike is one of the best and overall winners amongst the top folding electric minibikes. It comes with enormous features packed in a small package which makes it one of the best options available. It is highly powerful and comes with 750W 7-speed motors, which ensure its strength and performance.

Also, It’s capable of providing a range of up to 45 miles with a single charge. It can carry up to 275lbs, whereas the bike itself weighs only 67lbs. Since it comes with 16-inch wheels, the dimensions of the bike upon folding are reduced to 41 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 28 inches in height which is quite compacted. 

5. Mirider One

Mirider One: folding e bikeIf you are looking for the most comfortable, light, affordable, and easily compatible folding e-bike, your search will end at MiRider one. The pedals on this bike can also be folded easily, making it convenient for the buyers. Also, this bike is capable of providing a good range of up to 45 miles with one time charge.

It has been voted as the most comfortable ride by thousands of users. You can easily use this e-bike for daily use. However, one disadvantage of choosing this bike is that it’s noisy and will not be great on long routes. But, if you need an e-bike to make your daily commute easy, this bike is one of the most appropriate options available.

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6. EMOJO Lynx 500W Folding E-Bike

EMOJO LYNX PRO SPORT 500W 48V FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE: foldable electric bikeEMOJO Lynx 500W folding e-bike is one bike for all-terrain. You can use this bike in your day-to-day life on a city road, a dusty path through the woods, snowy or rocky terrain, and much more. This bike is sufficient to provide the best performance regardless of the type of terrain.

It comes with a 500-watt motor and 36V battery which requires around 4 to 6 hours to charge up completely. This bike is capable of covering more than 30 miles on a single charge carrying around 230lbs weight.

Though the wheels provided in this bike are slightly big (20 inches), the overall body is easily compatible, resulting in a compacted model of 39x18x26 inches. This bike is easy to use and carry as the frame is made up of aluminum alloy resulting in a strong and durable body. 

7. Comfy Go Fat tire Folding e-bike

Comfy Go Fat tire Folding e-bike: folding electric bikeComfy go fat tire electric folding bike comes with many unique features, which makes it one of the top ones available in the market. This bike consists of a 500W Rear hub motor which is supported by a strong 48v 10.4AH battery. Thus, this bike is capable of covering up to 30 miles at a speed of 20mph on a single charge.

Also, it does not require much time to get completely charged as you can charge it in less than 4 hours. The wheels of this bike are another major attraction because it comes with 20 inches wheels which enables it to perform well in various terrains. Though the bike is lightweight and weighs only 55lbs, its withstanding capacity is up to 230lbs without affecting its performance. 

8. Mate City Electric Folding Bike

Mate City Electric Folding Bike: electric folding bike

For all the tech-savvy and cool people who wish to have a foldable electric bike that is smart and looks classy, the Mate city bike is a perfect fit. You can easily get this e-bike at a very reasonable price. It comes with an LCD that indicates the battery status of the bike, your speed while riding, the distance covered by you on the recent trip, the time taken to cover that distance, and such.

Although this bike comes with an impeccable and elegant design you may find it bulky even when it’s folded to its extent. Due to its body and design, it is quite heavy and requires little extra space than other folding e-bikes. But, simply it is one of the most convenient and elegant designs with a promise of excellent performance. 

Factors to Consider While Buying A Folding Electric Bike

Folding electric bikes are efficient, stylish, safe, and compact. However, you must check many other things before investing in an electric bike. There are various specifications and efficiency-related features to which you must pay extra attention. 

Following is the list of aspects or features you must look at carefully and match with your requirements before buying a folding e-bike:

Purpose of Use

You can use your folding e-bike for various purposes. However, there are different kinds of folding e-bikes available on the market for every purpose. Based on the type of most used electric bikes, they can be categorized as folding electric mountain bikes and folding electric road bikes. Understanding the performance of both bikes individually is essential. 

The folding electric mountain bikes are of fair use for mountaineers. If you are looking for a portable bike that allows you safety and comfort in the hills, you must go for a mountain folding e-bike. This bike can perform on-road as well as the dirt tracks. Also, it is safer to cover the transverse hilly areas using these bikes. Made with maximum quality, these bikes come with 26-inches wheels. 

If you only require your e-bike to commute through the roads of your town or village, you can select from a wide range of folding electric road bikes. These bikes are easy to port from one place to another and have higher dimension wheels of up to 26 inches. These bikes are lightweight and hence can be carried around the town easily. The design of these bikes is highly efficient, ensuring high-quality performance on roads. 


Although the most used e-bikes come in a 250-watt motor variant, your bike’s power must satisfy your requirements. Users mostly choose 250-watt motor-based e-bikes as it allows the commuter to travel across the town effortlessly. Also, such bikes do not require any additional support while working on a ramp or at any higher elevation. 

However, suppose you are looking for a bike that performs better or requires it to match impressive performance specifications. In that case, you might want to switch to higher-power motor-based e-bikes. You can choose a 500-watt bike that provides double performance but at a higher price. 


One of the most important factors while purchasing an e-bike is the range of that bike. The range is simply the minimum distance an e-bike can travel before it requires a battery refill. The range is not a fixed parameter but depends on various aspects and thus varies for every user. 

Also, The range or efficiency of an e-bike depends on various factors such as the weight of the user, location of your house or the path you take, size of the attached battery, the user is peddling, or the bike works solely on the battery, and such. Once you understand these aspects, you can observe the efficiency of such bikes. As per the reviews of many users, e-bikes can cover up to 20miles with one charge. 

Wheel Size

All the e-bikes are lightweight and safe. Yet, you must check the bike’s wheel size before buying one. This helps you to understand if it’s appropriate as per your requirements or not. For example, the bikers who wish to use these bikes on mountains must have a bike with wide wheels to ensure higher stability and safety. 

There are different wheel sizes available in the market ranging from 16 inches wheels to 26 inches wheels. Although a 16-inches wheels-based bike is highly compactable and portable when folded, the 26- inches wheel provides higher efficiency and stability, especially on the hills. 

Frame Material

Choosing the perfect frame material is also significant as it decides the performance and portability of the folding electric bike. You can choose from various frame materials available in the market, including aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, and steel. 

Carbon fiber is one of the most used frame materials, whereas few users prefer aluminum or steel frames over carbon fiber since it is more expensive. 

Folding Mechanism

The benefit of buying a folding electric bike is that you can fold it and carry it around easily or keep it in as little space as possible. But, there are many different folding mechanisms present on which different e-bikes can be folded. 

Namely, the folding mechanism available for folding e-bikes are:

  • Split fold mechanism
  • Breakaway mechanism
  • Triangular hinge mechanism

Where triangular hinge mechanism and split-fold mechanism are preferred by the majority of users, and the break-away mechanism is still a rare choice. 


Lastly, it is also important to understand if the bike is properly geared or not. A foldable e-bike is operated in mountain regions and hence is provided with the required gear. It comes with 21 gears which ensure its performance and capability to work in different terrain regions. 

Last Say

Folding E-bikes are the future of transportation as it requires the least space of storage and provides many features. These bikes are better than the old-fashioned bikes in many aspects, including performance, efficiency, convenience, and such. These bikes are highly durable and have great performers, even when it comes to hilly terrain. However, it would be best if you considered all the factors such as price, convenience, availability, etc., before buying a folding electric bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do folding electric bikes work?

Folding electric bikes are designed with portability in mind. They typically have smaller wheels and a compact frame that can be easily folded down to a smaller size. Most folding electric bikes also have a built-in motor that provides power assistance when pedaling, making it easier to ride up hills or over long distances.

Q2. What are the benefits of folding electric bikes?

Folding electric bikes offer many of the same benefits as regular bicycles, including improved fitness and mental health, but with the added bonus of being easier to transport and store. They can also be a more sustainable option than using a car or public transport.

Q3. Who should buy a folding electric bike?

Folding electric bikes can be a great option for anyone who needs a compact and easily portable bike. They could be particularly well-suited for commuters who need to take their bike on public transport or those who live in small apartments.

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