What is Playbox HD and why you should use it to watch movies for free.

Music in audio format is gradually becoming obsolete. The revolution incurred by iPhone has seen to it and with the passage of time, it seems that Music is now being translated into music videos. This is something that might take some getting used to.

It doesn’t mean however that music in audio format will disappear. No…..it will always be there and have a staunch following as well. However, you have to admit that the whole notion of downloading videos instead of mere and mundane music files seems more preferable. That is why music videos have taken the pedestal of the championship from music files as being the chosen format for music by countless downloaders.

Playbox HD Download

Well for those guys that have the iTunes option, good for you. However, let us ask you this; is the prospect of buying, renting or borrowing music videos from the iTunes network more preferable to the option of streaming the desired video straight from YouTube? Yeah, you all prefer the latter option right. Well, have no fear, for apps like Playbox HD are here to cater to just these whims. The YouTube network is vast and consummate when it comes to videos. Any form or genre that you desire is available on YouTube. All you have to do is access it and stream for free.

PlayBox HD takes the experience a little further and enhances it by introducing a playlist system. Such a system brings better contentment to your iPod based expectations. What PlayBox HD does is set playlists so that you can set the tracks of your choice, sit back and just relax. PlayBox HD entails a swift and efficient search engine which allows for instant streaming of a large variety of videos from the internet and onto your device.

In addition to playing simple audio files, PlayBox HD allows for streaming of videos from YouTube as well. With PlayBox HD, you can add almost any form of video to your playlist. It doesn’t matter what the genre is; you can add it to your PlayBox HD repository. Think of the possibilities; this allows you to keep up with music, your training videos, shows and so much more. All you need to do is download PlayBox and let it compile the playlist of your choice for you.

All you need to do to save the desired video to your library is a tap. Once the video has been included in your library, you can then assign it to any custom playlist that you decide on. PlayBox HD allows you to keep a record of all your YouTube based videos and keep them compiled in a handy and easy to access manner. – http://www.playboxhd.org/

What’s more, you can export the playlists of your choice to an email and later reacquire them if you want to do so. You can also share these playlists on the social media site of your choice, like Facebook, for instance, to share with your friends and chums. So what are you waiting for? Go and get PlayBox HD now.

Showbox, Bringing HD Movies, On The GO

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? There was a time when people would spend their hard earned money by going to the theater and catch the evening show of the latest blockbuster while munching on popcorn they will excitingly watch the thrills and frills of the moving films and be awed. While this goes only for the blockbusters, but what about other movies? I sometimes which by whatsapp download we had movies to watch.

People won’t waste all of their money to the theater, so they just have to leave them be without watching. Well, that was a long time ago and since then technology has evolved a lot. It has made people’s lives a lot easier and also made people a lot smarter. Thus, dawned the era of the Smartphones. From checking the emails, to the latest news till paying bills, everything can be done through the smartphone. And for moviegoers came applications like NETFLIX, Youtube, where you can watch movies and serials, So no more missing the odd movie that’s not theater watch worthy.But there is a catch, you have to pay for it. Through individuals payments or monthly subscriptions.BUT WAIT, isn’t the internet free!! Well, it is free, but these branded applications do take money for their services. So why to spend all you money at this when you can watch something on a giant screen, And yes, we are back to square A. BANG, In comes SHOWBOX.


Showbox is an answer to all your movie woes. With technology going the smart way, why should you pay for something that’s free. As legendary rapper Eminem says

           Be smart, Don’t be a retard


Showbox is the rebel of all movie apps cause it lets you watch movies


Yes, comrades, this beautiful application allows you to watch all for the price of nothing.  You might fell that there is a catch but, take my word as the writer of the article for it; there isn’t any. The app lets you enjoy the latest blockbuster and nonblockbusters for free, and you can watch them in High Definition awesomeness. All the movies the most recent releases are all on their servers; you just have to go and click on the film, select the picture quality of the movie and then just have some popcorn ready to watch the movie ion your smart device. The application even has additional perks

  • You can watch your favorite serials also, in HD quality.
  • You can download the content for offline viewing
  • You don’t have to download an additional video player since the app has an integrated media player already.
  • No matter how old the episode or the movie is, you will find it in Showbox.

All of the above, for free. There are no hidden costs, no rentals, nothing, you get to watch all at HD quality. It does not even ask to create an account. Does it get any better than this?

But there is some bad news about the application. Haters have dropped the application out of any known store, in the name of piracy. But, not to worry. Developers always get a new version out over the internet. You just have to find them. The application is supported in all the new age smart devices starting from Android-based smartphones, tabs, to Apple’s IOS and OS X to the Windows-based operating systems.

For free HD movie streaming, you will also find apps like Popcorn time, but Showbox still is one of the best ways to go for its seamless buffering and easy to use User interface.So go on, open this box of entertainment and have a blast.