Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working

Can’t share files with Bluetooth from your Windows 10? Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working? Well, many of us have faced this issue so many times but didn’t get any proper fix. But now, you don’t need to worry at all. As I have researched a lot and have found some way outs. In this article, I will share all those troubleshooting techniques. You just need to go through this content and learn these techniques to fix your Windows 10 Bluetooth. Here you go!Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working

Before proceeding, know about the common issues Windows 10 users face with their Bluetooth.

  • Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Finding Devices
  • No Bluetooth In Device Manager Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Bluetooth disappeared
  • Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver issues

Now talking about the troubleshooting steps I would ask you to read the below content.

Exact Reason Of Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working Issue

Bluetooth lets you share all kind of files from one device to another. So, it’s an essential one to work smoothly. But when anything occurs to your Bluetooth it’s really frustrating as you can’t share anything. However, instead of worrying have a look at the troubleshooting steps given below.

Disabled Bluetooth

Firstly, check if you have enabled the Bluetooth option of your Windows 10 PC or not. If you haven’t enabled the option and trying to share files then the error will occur and you won’t be able to share any file. Hence, enable your Bluetooth option at first and then share any files. Hopefully, your issue will be sorted.

Restart Your PC

If your PC contains a lot of junk files then it can cause this Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. Performing a force shutdown and then restarting can heal the problem. Hence, restart your PC and if you are lucky enough your issue will be sorted.

Bluetooth Driver Is OutdatedWindows 10 Bluetooth Not Finding Device

If there is an issue with your Bluetooth Driver then it may lead to Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. To fix your Bluetooth driver you need to update it from time to time. An outdated Bluetooth Driver can be the depot of many issues. So, update the one as soon as possible.

Perform A Reinstallation Of Bluetooth Driver

Sometimes reinstalling Bluetooth Driver can fix your issue. If the driver is affected somehow, the reinstallation process will fix the driver. Hence, reinstalling your Bluetooth Driver will be a good option to fix your issue.

Set up Bluetooth Service Option

If your Bluetooth services are not set up properly then it can cause the Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. You need to check the services firstly and then need to fix the issue if there is any. Hopefully, it will sort out your issue.

Now you know all the probable reasons behind this problem. You just have to try the troubleshooting techniques first. If that doesn’t work you must come to our helpdesk. We have skilled engineers to take care of your issue. They are available 24/7. They help you with their knowledge and years of experience. You will surely get the fix. So, whenever you are facing an issue call for our assistance. Let us know your further queries through the comment box below.

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