How to Resolve Black Screening of HP Notebook PCs?

Black Screening takes place when your Computer screen remains black even after the Computer is switched on. So, if your PC does not turn on or there is no sound in it, it is a sign that the black screen error has taken place on your PC.

At times, you may encounter the problem when you have switched on your PC. But, as soon as you enter the password, the screen turns black. You see no light and instead just the cursor blinking on the black screen. Sometimes below mention tips and solution won’t work out for this problem, that’s the sign that you have to replace the screen of your laptop. You can buy best laptop screen in Dubai or you can opt for offline replacement too. 

What May cause Black Screen Error on your PC?

Honestly speaking, there aren’t any certain causes that lead to this error. But, usually, you may face the black screen error after updating the Windows. The PC may stay in that position for 15-20 minutes before starting again.

There is nothing to panic about it. You can solve this issue in a jiffy. I have mentioned some of the easiest methods to resolve the black screen error on Windows. Hopefully, you will be able to solve this issue without any technical guy’s help.

How to Solve the Black Screen Error on HP Notebooks:

Perform a Factory Reset: 

Resetting your PC can solve the issue. It usually does. Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue.

  • Switch off your PC.
  • Disconnect any docking station and port replicator.
  • Similarly, disconnect all external devices too like USB.
  • Remove the AC Adapter from your laptop.
  • For most of the laptops, you have to press and hold the Power key. That usually resets your laptop.
  • After this step, let the reset complete. Then connect the AC Adapter but not the peripheral devices. Start the Windows normally.

If the black screen isn’t resolved after resetting then, follow the next troubleshooting methods.

Test the Display with an External monitor:

Corrupted graphics and error on the LCD screen can also lead to this error. How shall you find whether that’s the problem? Well, connect an external monitor and start your laptop.

Now, if you can hear the sounds of spinning drivers and fans along with beep tones, that means your PC is just fine.

After attaching an external monitor, wait for the mage to appear on it. If it does not, press F4 and wait for the image to be displayed.

So, when you can see the image on the screen, it means that there is a conflict with the graphics driver. Always make sure that you have an updated version of BIOS and Graphics card as well.

If updating your graphics driver does not help either, go to the next troubleshooting process to resolve the blank screen error.

KeyPress Combination:

Most of the HP Notebooks comprised of an emergency recovery feature of BIOS. So, when you upgrade to the latest version of BIOS, the previous version is saved in the HP_TOOLS of a hard drive.

So, you can always recover the last good version of BIOS in case your current BIOS fails or disrupts.

  • Switch off your laptop.
  • Use a power adaptor and connect the notebook with a source of power.
  • Press Windows key and B Key at the same time.
  • While you are doing that, press the Power button for a second and then release it.
  • Wait for sometime for the BIOS Update to appear on the screen. The BIOS Update starts automatically.

BIOS Update will resolve your issue of black screening of the HP Notebooks. If you still unable to resolve your error, then we would suggest you get your screen replaced with new one. If you have any suggestion or query then drop a comment below or write us Here.

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