Print Screen Not Working

Print Screen is a popular option to take a screenshot on your computer. Luckily it is not the only option! Since on many occasions, users find that print screen not working. So, getting your hands used to with the other options as well is essential. If you are facing some problem with the print screen key on your laptop or computer then here I’m to help you with some troubleshooting steps and alternatives.

Print Scren Not Working

Reasons Behind Print Screen Not Working

There are various reasons because of which users face the problem with the print screen key. Here are some of the primary reasons for which you might have found your Print Screen Key Not Working.

You are Using The Wrong Combination. Are you trying to take a screenshot using your laptop’s keyboard? Well, then you might not have used the right combination of the keys. In some of the Windows laptops only hitting the print screen key to capture the screenshot does not work. You need to press the Fn key along with the print screen button from the keyboard to take a screenshot. 

Print Scren Not Working Windows 10

Some Background App is stopping you from capturing the screenshot. Background apps like One Drive, Snipping Tool, Dropbox can restain you from taking the screenshot. Close them one by one and try to figure out which particular application was causing the problem for you. Once identified, you can keep close that app when you take screenshots.

Your Keyboard Driver is Outdated. Have you updated your keyboard driver in a while? If you have not then I must tell you that, an outdated keyboard driver is a reason behind problem your Print Screen Not Working problem. Update your keyboard driver to fix the problem.

Use Some Alternatives if The Print Screen Not Working

There are a couple of alternatives which you can use as the alternative of your print screen key. Here is how you can take a screenshot by following some options other than the print screen key.

Use The Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is an inbuilt application that comes with the Windows Computer. You can use this software as an alternative if print screen not working on your Windows Computer. Actually, the snipping tool has a better functionality. It gives you the option to select the exact part of the screen you want to capture.

To use the application all you have to do is, press the Windows Logo Key and type ‘Snipping Tool’ this will search the application for you. Now, launch the app and use it as per your convenience.

Use Other Shortcut Key

If you are using Windows 10 then there is another option for you to take the screenshot. Press the Windows Logo Key and H to capture a screenshot on your Windows 10 computer.


It’s time bid a goodbye guys! Now you know all the reasons behind the print screen not working issue that you are facing. Try to troubleshoot the error by resolving the above-mentioned problem. Somehow if you are unable to solve the issue you can ask for help here through the comment box.

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