Windows 10 not Working

Recently upgraded your PC to Windows 10 from the previous version? But now facing issues with your new Windows 10 OS? Don’t worry. Here is a complete expert’s guide for troubleshooting this Windows 10 not Working issue. But before knowing the troubleshooting techniques you must know the Probable causes of this issue. I have described that one also. Go through this article and know about the reasons behind the Windows 10 issue. Troubleshoot it like a pro. 

Windows 10 Apps won't open

Common issues are here that you may face when your Windows 10 stops working.

  • Windows 10 Startup Problem
  • The Windows 10 Startup Repair Not Working
  • Windows 10 won’t start up
  • Windows 10 bot failure

However, let’s proceed to the causes and troubleshooting fixes now.

Windows 10 Not Working- Troubleshooting Tips

Run the System File Checker

System file checker is a utility feature that you get with your operating system. It can easily detect the problem associated with system file corruption. Follow the steps below to run the System File Checker

  • Go to Start and there type CMD
  • Now Right Click and run as an administrator
  • Here you have called an elevated command prompt
  • Here verify and repair the OS 
  • Or only check the problem 

Now, you just need to run this steps a few times to fix all your problem. After you run the system file checker you will be given one of these three messages:

Windows 10 not working

  • Windows did not find any integrity violations
  • Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them
  • Windows Resource Protection found files which are corrupted but was not able to fix some of them

Run a full virus scan

Run a full virus scan to ensure that your computer is not affected by any virus, spyware or bot infections. A malware can cause your Windows PC hanged and frozen. Open your anti-malware software and update it with the latest malware definitions. Then go for a scan. Wait for the scan to complete and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Another step you can follow is to try to defragment your hard drive. Perform the steps given below

  • In the Windows search box on the taskbar that is in Cortana type defrag
  • From the result, Select Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Select the disk drive you want to optimize
  • Select the Optimize button

Anyway, that’s all from our end folks. Now you need to try the troubleshooting steps at first. If that doesn’t work then call for our assistance. We have a team of skilled engineers. Discuss your Windows 10 Not Working issue with them and get the fixes instantly. connect our helpdesk now. Check my other articles on different kinds of issues. Still, if you have any query feel free to ask us through the comment box.  Or you can call or chat with us. Also, mail us to get an answer to your issues. Our technicians will welcome you always. 

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Print Screen Not Working

Print Screen is a popular option to take a screenshot on your computer. Luckily it is not the only option! Since on many occasions, users find that print screen not working. So, getting your hands used to with the other options as well is essential. If you are facing some problem with the print screen key on your laptop or computer then here I’m to help you with some troubleshooting steps and alternatives.

Print Scren Not Working

Reasons Behind Print Screen Not Working

There are various reasons because of which users face the problem with the print screen key. Here are some of the primary reasons for which you might have found your Print Screen Key Not Working.

You are Using The Wrong Combination. Are you trying to take a screenshot using your laptop’s keyboard? Well, then you might not have used the right combination of the keys. In some of the Windows laptops only hitting the print screen key to capture the screenshot does not work. You need to press the Fn key along with the print screen button from the keyboard to take a screenshot. 

Print Scren Not Working Windows 10

Some Background App is stopping you from capturing the screenshot. Background apps like One Drive, Snipping Tool, Dropbox can restain you from taking the screenshot. Close them one by one and try to figure out which particular application was causing the problem for you. Once identified, you can keep close that app when you take screenshots.

Your Keyboard Driver is Outdated. Have you updated your keyboard driver in a while? If you have not then I must tell you that, an outdated keyboard driver is a reason behind problem your Print Screen Not Working problem. Update your keyboard driver to fix the problem.

Use Some Alternatives if The Print Screen Not Working

There are a couple of alternatives which you can use as the alternative of your print screen key. Here is how you can take a screenshot by following some options other than the print screen key.

Use The Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is an inbuilt application that comes with the Windows Computer. You can use this software as an alternative if print screen not working on your Windows Computer. Actually, the snipping tool has a better functionality. It gives you the option to select the exact part of the screen you want to capture.

To use the application all you have to do is, press the Windows Logo Key and type ‘Snipping Tool’ this will search the application for you. Now, launch the app and use it as per your convenience.

Use Other Shortcut Key

If you are using Windows 10 then there is another option for you to take the screenshot. Press the Windows Logo Key and H to capture a screenshot on your Windows 10 computer.


It’s time bid a goodbye guys! Now you know all the reasons behind the print screen not working issue that you are facing. Try to troubleshoot the error by resolving the above-mentioned problem. Somehow if you are unable to solve the issue you can ask for help here through the comment box.

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Mic Not Working On Discord

Some Windows users complain about Mic Not Working On Discord issues. It’s very common to face this issue. But don’t panic. As here is the article to help you to find out what exactly happened to your discord mic. Go through and know about all the possible causes. Fix the roots and get rid of your Mic Not Working On Discord issue.

Mic Not Working On Discord

Let’s proceed,

Mic Not Working On Discord- Origin of this Issue

Several causes can give rise to the mentioned issue. Whenever the problem takes place, your device won’t be able to receive the input audios. Hence, you will find mic not working windows 10.

However, have a look at the general causes now,

Fix The Input Device

Sometimes the device may not be inserted correctly and that can be the main reason behind the Mic Not Working On Discord error. Hence check the input device and add it successfully. If needed perform a restart to dissolve the issue.

Fix The External Device

An issue in external microphone can cause the failure. Make sure the input jack is appropriately connected with your PC.

Enable The Sound Mode

Maybe your PC or hardware is in the silent mode. And you are searching for the troubleshooting techniques. Hence before, proceeding towards the fix make sure your device is in sound mode.

Fix The Voice Activity Issue

An issue in voice activity can also cause the problem. Hence try push to talk option if that can make any difference with your mic not working issue.

Update The Auto-Driver

An outdated Auto-Driver can be the root of the issue. Though it has an automated update feature, still you should update it manually. Update the application from time to time and stay away from various issues.

Fix The Voice Settings IssueDiscord Mic Not Working

Sometimes an issue in the voice settings can give birth to the newer edition issues. Hence set the voice settings at default settings and you will find the discord mic is working again.

You can reset the voice settings for the customization of your Discord Mic. This will also help you to fix the one.

Solve The Administrator issues

One of the main reason behind this error is the administrator issue. Maybe your discord mic is not installed properly. Hence quit discord and run it as administrator. That will surely fix your issues.

Cache, Cookies or Server Issue

If the issue is not in your device if it’s in your server then only fixing the server can help you out. Hence clear all the cache, cookies that are saved for a long time or clear the browser history to get rid of the Mic Not Working On Discord issue.

Anyway, it’s always better to take an expert’s help instead of fixing the problem on your own. You should take help from our trusted support team. Our efficient engineers will fix your issues within a minute. Your help is just a call away. Quench your further queries in the comment box & share your opinion with us.

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Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working

Can’t share files with Bluetooth from your Windows 10? Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working? Well, many of us have faced this issue so many times but didn’t get any proper fix. But now, you don’t need to worry at all. As I have researched a lot and have found some way outs. In this article, I will share all those troubleshooting techniques. You just need to go through this content and learn these techniques to fix your Windows 10 Bluetooth. Here you go!Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working

Before proceeding, know about the common issues Windows 10 users face with their Bluetooth.

  • Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Finding Devices
  • No Bluetooth In Device Manager Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Bluetooth disappeared
  • Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver issues

Now talking about the troubleshooting steps I would ask you to read the below content.

Exact Reason Of Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working Issue

Bluetooth lets you share all kind of files from one device to another. So, it’s an essential one to work smoothly. But when anything occurs to your Bluetooth it’s really frustrating as you can’t share anything. However, instead of worrying have a look at the troubleshooting steps given below.

Disabled Bluetooth

Firstly, check if you have enabled the Bluetooth option of your Windows 10 PC or not. If you haven’t enabled the option and trying to share files then the error will occur and you won’t be able to share any file. Hence, enable your Bluetooth option at first and then share any files. Hopefully, your issue will be sorted.

Restart Your PC

If your PC contains a lot of junk files then it can cause this Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. Performing a force shutdown and then restarting can heal the problem. Hence, restart your PC and if you are lucky enough your issue will be sorted.

Bluetooth Driver Is OutdatedWindows 10 Bluetooth Not Finding Device

If there is an issue with your Bluetooth Driver then it may lead to Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. To fix your Bluetooth driver you need to update it from time to time. An outdated Bluetooth Driver can be the depot of many issues. So, update the one as soon as possible.

Perform A Reinstallation Of Bluetooth Driver

Sometimes reinstalling Bluetooth Driver can fix your issue. If the driver is affected somehow, the reinstallation process will fix the driver. Hence, reinstalling your Bluetooth Driver will be a good option to fix your issue.

Set up Bluetooth Service Option

If your Bluetooth services are not set up properly then it can cause the Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working issue. You need to check the services firstly and then need to fix the issue if there is any. Hopefully, it will sort out your issue.

Now you know all the probable reasons behind this problem. You just have to try the troubleshooting techniques first. If that doesn’t work you must come to our helpdesk. We have skilled engineers to take care of your issue. They are available 24/7. They help you with their knowledge and years of experience. You will surely get the fix. So, whenever you are facing an issue call for our assistance. Let us know your further queries through the comment box below.

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Asus Touchpad not working

Is your Asus Touchpad not working? We know it is really frustrating! Moreover, it is a pretty common issue. Though we all know, Asus is a popular brand among the tech-savvy as its products are really efficient.  But, sometimes users do face problems with Asus devices.

Asus Touchpad Not Working

Here, in this article, we are providing you with easy solutions for it. But, before this, we need to be aware of the reasons for this problem.

Causes For Asus Touchpad not working

There can be more than one reason for this issue and make things complicated.

  • Internal problems on the laptop can cause the Touchpad not to work properly.
  • Malware attack also can be a cause of it. Due to the virus attack, the Touchpad can malfunction.
  • There can be a dispute in the operating system too.
  • Another important reason is maybe the sensor of the Touchpad is not working in a right manner.

So, these are the reason you may face Touchpad related issues. Naturally, the question of how to fix Touchpad on Asus laptop will arise in your mind. Don’t worry, here you can get relevant information to fix this issue.

How To Resolve Asus Touchpad not working

Restart your PC

It is the easiest step you can follow to solve any kind of PC related problem. Just restart your device and see whether it is working or not.

Check Out The Settings

Maybe in the settings, there is some dispute. Check whether the Touchpad option in the settings is enabled or not. If you face any kind of problem then you always can get our help. We are always there for you.

Run a Full Virus Scan

Often the virus or malware infections cause your Asus Touchpad not working.  Update your antivirus to its latest definition and run a full virus scan of your PC. If the problem has arisen due to malware infection then following this step will resolve the problem.

Update The Touchpad DriverAsus Trackpad Not Working

Maybe the Touchpad driver is outdated. You need to update it to fix the problem at hand. When done check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Clean the Touchpad

Always keep your laptop’s Touchpad clean. Maybe due to excessive dust the sensor is not working.

These are some easy ways you can try to resolve the issue- ‘Asus Touchpad not working’. But, be aware while you are trying this. Any kind of the wrong step can cause further damage to your device.

Now try the given steps to troubleshoot your PC.  In case, if you can’t do it yourself you can ask for help here through the comment box. Our experts will take care of your issue. Our helpdesk is available 24/7. All you need to do is post your queries or any issue you are facing with the Asus Laptop and we will get back to you with the proper resolution.

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