4 Types of Mattresses

Choosing a right mattress is one of the important activities for any individual, considering how it has the power to have an effect on their mood and day. Many times we end up paying more attention to the kind of bed we’re buying than on the kind of mattress that should be accompanying it.

The good news that there exist various types of mattresses in the market to choose from. Before you get confused over their differences, here’s a lowdown on the five types of mattresses, and their uses:

  1. Memory Foam Mattress: A memory foam mattress is a bang for the buck as they use a high-density polyurethane foam as its support system. This kind of foam is used both in the support system and the upholstery layer.At the moment, these mattresses are the most popular mattress out there, and the reason for their increasing popularity could be because of how it is composed of layers of foam that differ in density, and as a result, react to specific types of bodies. They’re also known to relieve back pain.

2. Inner Spring Mattress: As the name suggests, an inner spring mattress is essentially a mattress that uses a steel coil support system, and is made up of different types of string systems.

In most cases, the innerspring has a covering comprising padding that includes various types of foams, and layers of steel springs. In this type of mattress, the number of coils, the greater is the distribution of points of support that it can provide. As a result, it’s better able to support the sleeper.

  1. Hybrid Mattress: Hybrid mattresses are more expensive than other similar kinds of mattresses solely because they include a steel coil support system made up of more than one type of foam. If you’re wondering why you should opt for it, here’s a reason: It contours your body better than any other mattress.

3. Airbed: Don’t mistake air bed mattresses with the temporary blow-up mattresses that we end up using for guests, or while camping. A residential airbed mattress is very different, though they end up looking like an innerspring mattress.

The differences lie in them using air-filled chambers, with a layer of foam on top. These kinds of mattresses are recommended for people with spinal cord injuries, or one with backaches. The option to customise the mattress’s firmness as per one’s preference is what makes it so desirable.

4. Waterbed: A waterbed mattress comes in two types: hard-sided and soft-sided. While the hard-sided waterbeds need to be accompanied with wooden frames, soft-sided waterbeds can be used without it. These mattresses are usually a large, tough, plastic bag comprising a screw-top through which water can be pumped in.

They essentially utilize a water chamber as their support. The advantages of waterbeds are many: their perennial movement can be comforting, and make fun for a fun night’s sleep. However, they are also very heavy, and sometimes, its rocking motion can disturb one’s sleep.

If you are buying a mattress online, better to go USPS as delivery service. They provide good packaging to avoid damage to such large items. They also provide USPS tracking so that you know the exact status of your package.

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