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 ShowBox is one of the best apps when it comes to movies and TV shows streaming, but it tends to get faulty sometimes. I remember I installed the ShowBox app thinking I will get lots of movies to watch, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t even working; all it was telling me was “ShowBox has stopped working.” I was so annoyed that day; I uninstalled it out of annoyance.

Other options I got didn’t provide my need as well until I found PlayBox HD. After using PlayBox for a few minute, I could say I got myself an alternative to ShowBox that works. The truth is, I was reluctant to download it at first, but to cut a long story short I downloaded it and It worked without problems.

So this is why am putting together this article to inform you of my discovery, I hope you like it too.

PlayBox HD

It is a very great App when it comes to free movie streaming. This is tested, and I am serious, it is the best alternative for ShowBox. Its features are similar to that of the ShowBox App.

Unfortunately, PlayBox is not yet on the Google Play Store for Android users. However, download it online and don’t forget to have the APK app as to be able to use it. But it is available on IOS devices.

PlayBox also allows you watch movies online and offline both old and latest movies aaccording to what you like. It is entirely free!

                                    Playbox HD App


  • It cost you nothing to download and watch as it is free.
  • It supports Kids mode. You want to allow your children watch too; there is a “kids’ mode” option in the settings for your children to enjoy.
  • It supports chromecast and Apple TV. The Nice thing about the PlayBox app is that it supports Google chromecast, Apple TV, and even Wi-Fi sharing.
  • Allows you to watch offline. The app allows you to view offline after downloading the movie, still, for free no charges incurred.
  • Daily updates. The app gets regular updates for your latest shows, serials, and movies. All just for you to get happy and satisfied.


ShowBox is a very popular app, especially if you are a movie lover just like me, you must have heard of it. It allows you video stream for free and watch movies online and also offline when you download it.


Here are some features of ShowBox making it so attractive.

  • It’s convenient and easy to use.
  • It Supports HD quality formats for movies and videos with pro-HD devices.
  • It’s user-friendly and has a navigating interface making it easy to watch movies, TV shows and serials without a problem.
  • It enables users to watch movies online or watch it offline after downloading it.


If you are experiencing a tough time using ShowBox, you can quickly switch to the PlayBox HD app as it is now the best alternative to ShowBox. Have fun!

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